AgileTag's team has a wide array of in depth experience in all elements of the products and industries we serve.

We will work with you to understand the great opportunities in this technology and how it can assist you.

We can provide you with passive RFID tags or you can provide your own.  In either event we'll make certain they meet project objectives.

We have active tags capable of transmitting up to 1000 feet, for must know, high value assets

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For more than seven years, AgileTag has supplied its customers with more than just tags, readers, smartshelves, and software. We are a business partner, a trusted provider of comprehensive product lines and infrastructure solutions, backed by a solid guarantee, fast and friendly service, and incredible sourcing capabilities. 

Our mission is to listen to our client's specific needs and deliver high performance products through continuous product innovation and operational excellence.  We carry a complete product line, from Active and Passive RFID tag readers and tags, to supporting data collection 'Hubs' and software solutions.


Data collection Hubs can take several forms, but their functions are the same:  Plug-n-play installation and data availability 24/7 via LAN or the Internet (IoT)

For passive tags, simply place and forget.  Of course, we will work closely with you to determine optimal positioning and energy budget (for temporary, battery powered applications).  Active tags, any computer within a few hundred yards.

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At AgileTag, we know the importance of knowing where things are using advanced technology enhances efficiency and improves processes and bottom line profitability.

Because of the pivotal role situational awareness plays in your business, AgileTag is committed to creating and maintaining strong relationships with our customers, built on a foundation of excellence and trust. From the products we manufacture to our dedicated customer service and support, we know what’s important to you. 

One of the technologies we apply is radio frequency identification, RFID, which allows our customers to know, for example, inventory and location of products at the touch of a key on their computer or mobile device.  More importantly, our approach is the most simple to install and deploy, and in many cases, is user configurable.