Data Collection Hub

This compact device communicates with all surrounding RFID readers and collects tag IDs from all adjacent, tagged products.  In its most common form it is a USB device, but a direct to Internet version is available.

Shelf Readers
The shelf readers can be produced in many forms, two of which are shown here.  They can be strategically positioned anywhere, battery or wall powered, and can detect tags from feet to yards away, depending on the model.

Handheld Readers (Coming Soon)

These low cost, simple scanners can be used to survey areas containing tagged products.  This data can be sent to a handheld device or simply processed by the software running on the local computer.

Active Tags

Data compatible with the passive infrastructure, these tags can transmit up to 1000 feet away from the Hub (environmental dependent).  Additionally, sensors can be added to detect motion, temperature, humidity... pretty much anything.



Retailers are able to receive actionable restock and anti-theft information in real time using a convenient graphic user interface and automatic alerts.  The potential for this data is enormous.

Software Interface